Vintage in the Village

Sure, new is almost always cool. But for those with more discerning tastes, who long for the luxurious fabrics and meticulous crafting of yesteryear, who appreciate pieces with history, we have you covered. The East Village has been New York’s eclectic hotspot for almost 200 years, and it has the vintage shops to prove it. Whether you are looking for the perfect flapper dress for The Jazz-Age Lawn Party or fancy frock for a night on the town you are guaranteed to find something as unique as you are.


Angela’s Vintage Boutique

Synonymous with elegance and class is Angela’s. This narrow storefront hides a larger than expected interior, lined with sumptuous coats, delicate dresses, and the occasional couture piece.



If you skew a little weird and a little casual, Procell is the place for you. Irreverent t-shirts, throwback caps, and enough band memorabilia to convince your friends that, yes, you were totally at that show, abound. Embrace your oddity and broadcast it with these lovingly preserved items.


Rue St Denis

Love the vintage look, but feel icky about wearing used clothes? Look no further than Rue St Denis. Their collection boasts exclusively unworn vintage pieces, with a special emphasis on gorgeous menswear. The extensive collection includes items for anyone and everyone with a perspicacious eye for fine lines and elegance.


Search & Destroy

If you still haven’t gotten over The Clash, are tired of sewing your own patches, or believe in the punk movement, aggressively walk over to Search & Destroy. Their wares are divisive, their vibe is at odds with their prices, and their customers will tell you they are either single-handedly preserving punk or amoral posers profiting from their betters. Either way, you will find amazing pieces that have earned every shredded knee and every missing stud.


The 9th Street Haberdashery

Those who long for lace, elegance, silks and pearls, the famous 9th Street Haberdashery is for you. Their calling card is pre-1960’s clothing, served in a confectionary array of pastels. Grab a mint julep and get ready to feel glamorous.


Want more?

We may not have a lot to say about them, but there are dozens of other vintage shops around StuyTown’s no fee rentals in NYC. If your cravings have not been met by the offerings above, you can always check out:

Tokio 7

Ladies & Gentlemen

Mr. Throwback

Buffalo Exchange

Metropolis Vintage

No Relation Vintage

East Village Vintage Collective