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Apartments Near The American Sign Language School

Student, Parent and Teacher 

The American Sign Language School and English Lower School believes in working not just with students but also their parents. This is done to keep parents informed on their child's progress and to ensure that they are on track to achieving their goals both academically and in extra-curricular activities. The partnership is also aimed at helping a child develop social skills that will make them long-life learners.

Curriculum Standards 

PS 347 adheres to the curriculum standards set by the New York State Education Department. These standards are an indicator of the skills and information students should have at the end of each school year. Details are contained in the Common Core Library which was a collaborative effort by education experts, teachers and school administrators.

The Light Studio

The Light Studio, an interactive and exploratory room, was built for the students, thanks to a generous grant by Cooper Union. Out of the four interactive exhibits, two are used with a computer and a projector. One room holds a specially designed computer program which triggers colored lights depending on sound frequencies. When the children sing or make noise, they see their sound frequencies transforming to light. Another interactive computer program uses a projector, an XBOX Kinect sensor, and specific programming language to create a virtual fish tank with fish that react to the children’s movements 

Children are also able investigate shadows. This is done through a projector that creates a light wall. They can turn 3D shapes into 2D shadows, such as cubes becoming squares or cones becoming a circle. Such activities help children relax and have fun while enhancing their capacity to learn.

Community partnerships

The American Sign Language School and English Lower School works in partnership with it’s local community. It works with CookShop Classroom to promote wholesome nutrition, the New York City Public Library and Town Hall which extends educational outreach services, music and dance.

Join in

New K-8th grade students can apply for a place on the school's website. Applications for the integrated 2014-2015 pre-school program can also be submitted online. Parents who wish to join the school community can fill an online form so that they can receive class email alerts on upcoming events, assignments and other information.