Flatiron: Madison Square Park

The historic Madison Square Park consists of seven acres located between Madison and Fifth Avenues at 23rd Street. 


Apartments near Flatiron are in high demand, partly because of proximity to Madison Square Park. The historic Madison Square Park consists of seven acres located between Madison and Fifth Avenues at 23rd Street. The park is maintained and operated by the Madison Square Park Conservancy with the goal of providing park goers of all ages with a respite from the hectic midtown environment.


The History of Madison Square Park

Madison Square was at the center of one of New York City's most fashionable and exclusive neighborhoods at the end of the 19th century. Famous novelist Edith Wharton was born near Madison Square Park and Winston Churchill's grandfather, tycoon Leonard Jerome, had an ornate mansion bordering the park. The park was named for James Madison, the fourth president. It was officially made a public park in 1847 but before that it had been a public place since as far back as 1686. Shortly after the city's first Department of Public Parks was established, William Grant landscaped Madison Square. Grant had assisted Frederick Law Olmsted in the design of Central Park. His design for Madison Square Park included a combination of open, grassy lawns and clearly defined walkways similar to the present design.


Features of Madison Square Park

Here you will find grassy paths along with flowering trees and shrubs. There are also gardens featuring annual and perennial flowers. Pet owners looking for apartments near Flatiron should note that the Madison Square Park's amenities include a dog run, along with a playground and free wifi.


Facts About Madison Square Park

  • It is widely believed that baseball was started at the park since it was where Alexander Cartwright started the New York Knickerbockers.
  • The Statue of Liberty's arm and torch were displayed in the park for six years starting in 1876. This was in an effort to drum up financial support for the construction of the statue's base and the assembly of the statue itself.
  • The Eternal Light Monument was dedicated in Madison Square Park on Armistice Day in 1923. It was intended to commemorate the army and navy troops returning from the First World War. It was restored in 2002 and the Eternal Light Star was reinstalled with the help of ConEdison.


Events and Attractions at Madison Square Park

  • The park is a popular destination during the summer as visitors show up to get some of the city’s best milkshakes and hamburgers from the Shake Shack.
  • From late May to late July, kids can enjoy their summer vacation at the Mad Sq. Kids Concerts. Older kids get to enjoy Mad Sq. Music, which includes music from multiple genres.
  • The Art Yard is an arts workshop for kids from the age of one all the way up to 12. Here, guest artists will teach your children about art.
  • Your kids can get horticulture lessons from the Madison Urban Club for Kids (MUCK). They will have the opportunity to learn about everything from soil to beneficial insects.
  • There are art installations from a wide variety of artists including Sol Lewitt and William Wegman.


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