Gramercy: Beth Israel Medical Center

When it comes to finding a new place to live, odds are you'll want to make sure everything you need is within a comfortable distance from your new home, from grocery stores to banks to public transportation and more. Our Stuyvesant Town apartments near Gramercy is conveniently located near Gramercy Park meaning that everything you need is within a short distance away - including the Beth Israel Medical Center. Knowing that there is a hospital within a ten minute walk from our apartments near Gramercy should help to give all of our residents’ peace of mind.


The Mount Sinai Health System

The Mount Sinai Health System, which formed in 2013 when the Continuum Health Partners and The Mount Sinai Medical Center decided to combine into one large system, is highly regarded throughout the world for its excellence in research, education and patient care across a wide range of medical specialties. The system encompasses seven different hospital campuses in the New York City metropolitan area. The Mount Sinai Health System boasts the following:

  • 2,784 physicians - both full and part time
  • 3,783 voluntary physicians
  • 12 freestanding ambulatory surgery centers
  • Over 430 primary care physicians, both full and part time
  • Over 45 ambulatory practices
  • Over 40 clinical and academic relationships with various other local health care organizations


Mount Sinai Beth Israel

The 1,365-bed Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center has a reputation for combining medical excellence with clinical innovation. One of the biggest advancements made by the medical center was to focus on its community-based ambulatory care. The medical center has attracted specialists from all over the world in order to expand their cancer, disease, neurology and orthopedics services. They also specialize in services for:

  • Chemical dependency
  • Gastrointestinal disease
  • HIV/Aids research and treatment
  • Methadone treatment programs
  • Pain management and palliative care
  • Psychiatric disorders


History of the Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center

The Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center was founded in 1890 by 40 Orthodox Jews in the Lower East Side. Each one paid 25 cents out of pocket in order to set up the hospital so that they could serve the Jewish Immigrants living in the tenement buildings in the Lower East Side. In fact, the name "Beth Israel" is Hebrew, meaning "House of Israel." Other hospitals in the area wouldn't treat immigrants that had not lived in New York City for at least a year, which is one of the main reasons the Mount Sinai Beth Israel medical center was established.


In 1891, the medical center went from being a small dispensary to becoming a 20-bed hospital. By 1902, it moved into a 115-bed hospital and by 1929 it moved into a 13-story building containing 500 beds where it exists to this day. In 1964, they purchased the neighboring Manhattan General Hospital and renamed the entire complex as the Beth Israel Medical Center.


The Mount Sinai Beth Israel medical center is known for its ambulatory care, it's world-class specialists and its residency training programs in practically every field of medicine, including emergency medicine, radiology, family medicine, neurology and psychiatry, just to mention a few. Residents of our apartment community will soon be able to have all of their medical and health care needs met at the Mount Sinai Beth Israel Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Care Practice, a new medical center opening in StuyTown by Fall 2017. For more information about the amenities located around our apartment community, be sure to contact us at Stuyvesant Town today.