Lower East Side: The Bowery Ballroom

The famous Bowery Ballroom at 6 Delancey Street has a long history, built just before the great Stock Market crash of 1929.


One of the best parts about living in apartments near the Lower East Side is that not only are there great places to sample some of New York City’s best night life but many of these places are rich in history. Many venues have a history spanning back over a century along with more recent fame as well.

One such place is the famous Bowery Ballroom at 6 Delancey Street. This building has a long history, built just before the great Stock Market crash of 1929. The building held various retail outlets, changing with the ebb and flow of good and bad economic times. Then in 1998 it became the music venue it is famous for today. So much so that Joan Baez used it as her inspiration for her Bowery Song’s album!

The Bowery Ballroom is a multi-stage venue where you can check your coat and have a drink downstairs before heading up to your music event of the evening. And evening event means every evening as the Bowery is open seven days of the week from 6pm to 2am. Beyond the bar and the ballroom, the observatory allows a great view of the city and Central Park. A great place to bring out of town guests or maybe ask your significant other a very important life question!

A first time visitor to the downstairs bar might find it familiar. This is not surprising since it was the featured in the films Coyote Ugly and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. These films capture the vibe of a club devoted to not be a trendy watering hole of the beautiful people. The lights range from the well light bar to the low, cozy darkness of the ballroom so don’t be surprised to see quite a few displays of public affection

Past patrons all agree that regardless of their positive or negative experiences, the Bowery Ballroom is well-designed so that everyone can see the stage and the sounds system is simply amazing and not one expects from a club of its size.

They also agree that you want to get your tickets in advance as this is a very popular place for visitors and those living in apartments near East Village. Why risk being turned away at the door when there are multiple ways to get tickets- available on their website as well as designated ticket apps one can find on their Facebook page.

Unlike many music halls which tend towards one style of music, the Bowery Ballroom prides itself on presenting a wide range of musical styles. No matter what your tastes in music are, you can bet that one night of the week will be the right fit for what you love to dance to. Their Facebook page is a great resource to keep up on things as they use it to promote upcoming gigs as well as low ticket warnings or sold out shows.

And for those who do want to hit the bar before and after the show, the Ballroom is half a block from the M train Bowery station! So if you like good, live music, check out the Bowery Ballroom tonight!


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