Williamsburg: Smorgasburg

One particularly unique and exciting retail food adventure awaits visitors to the increasingly popular Smorgasburg in Brooklyn.


New York was a city founded on commerce, and those roots are very much still apparent today – especially with all of the shopping available in every part of town. However, the stereotypical “shopping” that most tourists, and many newcomers, associate with the town includes big, fancy, pricy department stores in Midtown and small, fancy, pricey fashion boutiques in SoHo. When it comes to food shopping, even in a city known for its culinary diversity, the preconceived notions are often similarly narrow. Even many seasoned New Yorkers are unaware of the vast variety of culinary shopping experiences available, especially for those lucky city dwellers with apartments near Williamsburg and all of the interesting retail experiences available in these neighborhoods. One particularly unique and exciting retail food adventure awaits visitors to the increasingly popular Smorgasburg in Brooklyn.


True, Williamsburg is overflowing with worthwhile independent eateries of all stripes, but there are few gastronomic experiences in Williamsburg, the city or the world at world that can compete with the Brooklyn waterfront phenomenon known as Smorgasburg. Any inhabitants of apartments near Williamsburg are likely at least aware of the incredible Brooklyn Flea Market, and for those who are not it is worth checking out to say the least. Smorgasburg is a part of this astonishing urban market, as well as an outgrowth of it that is taking on a life of its own in terms of size and popularity. In fact, this galaxy of local epicurean wonders is soon to open an outpost on the other side of the country in Los Angeles. Fortunately, the original Williamsburg version of Smorgasburg is still going strong.


For the past half-decade, Smorgasburg has functioned as a showcase for the best in local cuisine. Now the place to be on weekends for food fans throughout the area, Smorgasburg operated each Saturday from April through November at Kent Street and North 7th in Brooklyn, a spot which residents of apartments near Williamsburg may recognize as the East River State Park. The market also operates on Sundays at Breeze Hill in Prospect Park, which is a quick trip on the Q train from downtown Manhattan. There is a reason that thousands of hungry New Yorkers visit Smorgasburg every week, and that is the panoply of over a hundred of the best local food vendors selling the best of what New York cuisine has to offer.


For those in apartments near Williamsburg there is no lack of incredible choices for food any time of the day or night. However, Smorgasburg is a special culinary event even in this foodie friendly section of the city.