Coin-less laundry rooms

Coin-less laundry rooms are located on the Terrace Level in Stuyvesant Town and the Lower Level in Peter Cooper Village and are open 7 days-a-week 7:00AM-11:00PM. Each room is equipped with a vending machine which accepts both cash and credit cards for the purchase of a laundry card.


Report Issues

Please call 844.272.9675 or click here to report an equipment service problem. A service tech is on property 7 days a week.
Please call Resident Services at 212.420.5000 #1 to report any laundry room cleaning issues.


Washing Instructions

For best results use only a ¼ cup of (high-efficiency) detergent. Too much detergent causes over-sudsing, leaves residue on clothing, and causes wash malfunctions.


High-Efficiency Washing Instructions

  • Load washer and close door securely (Do not overload washer)
  • Use ¼ cup of he (high-efficiency) detergent per load. (Too much detergent = over-sudsing and washing machine malfunctions)
  • Insert card
  • Choose fabric setting when SELECT CYCLE prompt appears. (The door will LOCK and will remain LOCKED throughout the entire wash cycle. Forcing the door open will damage the door.)
  • Door will not unlock until 0 minutes appears on digital display. Average wash time is 30 minutes.


Video Instructions

Click here to watch a video in English on how to properly use your laundry machines. Click here for a Spanish language version.