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Living Basics


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If you have questions concerning your rent statement, please call (212) 420-5000.

To view a sample lease document for reference, click here.


Real Estate B Agent 41
BPP ST Owner LLC (Stuyvesant Town); BPP PCV Owner LLC (Peter Cooper Village)
P.O. Box 371366
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7366


  • Management Office (276 First Ave. Loop)
  • Outside Community Bathrooms (18 Stuyvesant Oval)
  • Community Center (449 East 14th Street)
  • 390 First Ave. (opposite Public Safety booth)


As a member of the StuyTown community (formerly known as PCVST) we ask that you be mindful of your living environment and the impact your day-to-day conduct has on your neighbors and our residential community. Since your home is part of a multiple dwelling community and noise travels easily from apartment to apartment, it is expected that you will do everything possible to diminish the transmission of sound and noise. Here are some noise dampening suggestions:

  • Carpet your apartment in accordance with the terms of your Lease. Your lease requires that rugs or carpeting must cover 80% of all floors at all times. Floor covering is not required in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Listen to movies and music at an acceptable level. Use headphones for late-night listening
  • Talk, entertain guests, play video games, or participate in other activities in ways that do not infringe on your neighbors’ right to quietly enjoy and utilize their apartment
  • Place all home entertainment equipment off the floor and away from attached or shared walls
  • Place thick padding under exercise equipment
  • Refrain from walking around in hard or high heel shoes
  • Be mindful and considerate of neighbors during traditionally quiet hours (late night and early morning)

Questions should be directed to the StuyTown Carpet Inspections Group (formerly known as the PCVST Carpet Inspections Group) at Report noise complaints to Public Safety at (212) 598-5233. Founded complaints are addressed by Management through an aggressive notification and response process.


A bed bug remediation process is in place to test for and treat bedbug cases. If you see bedbugs or sustain small insect bites call Resident Services at (212) 420-5000 to schedule an inspection. DO NOT attempt to eradicate the bedbug condition yourself.
To prevent bed bugs:

  • DO NOT bring curbside items, mattresses or second hand upholstered furniture into your apartment
  • Keep your apartment clean
  • If you travel, inspect your luggage after each trip


  • Always be aware of your surroundings
  • If you suspect you are being followed, seek out the nearest person or crowd, and call Public Safety at (212) 598-5233 or use one of the emergency call stations located throughout the property
  • Do not hold the lobby entrance door for anyone you do not know. This may seem impolite, but your fellow residents will understand. This is a matter of security; yours and your neighbors
  • Report unsecured or broken doors to Public Safety at (212) 598-5233


  • Attend to food cooking on your stove at all times
  • Keep cooking surfaces and your oven clean
  • Turn pot handles inward on your stove
  • Regularly clear your apartment of refuse and accumulated newspapers/magazines
  • Practice safe smoking habits. Never leave smoking materials burning. Never smoke in bed
  • Store personal belongings in a storage unit (212-253-2435). The top of the unit and the areas in between units should not be used as extra storage
  • Maintain your personal belongings in your apartment. Your corridor, the area outside the compactor chute, the electrical closet on your corridor, or any other nook or cranny in your building should not be used for storage


Smoking in any building common area, such as stairwells, corridors, lobbies, and carriage/laundry rooms, is a violation of the NYC Clean Indoor Air Act. Please obey the law and be considerate of your neighbors.

Additionally, please remain 50 feet away from buildings when smoking outside and utilize a smoking urn placed around property.


There is a 30 minute parking time limit on Peter Cooper Road. This longstanding policy is being enforced to ensure that residents have ease of access and are able to pick up and drop off their passengers and belongings. Any vehicle parked in excess of 30 minutes will be towed at the owner’s expense.


Please adhere to the following rules regarding resident usage of the Oval, during the open season.

General Rules:

  • No pets
  • No alcohol
  • No active play
  • No barbecuing
  • No tents or hammocks
  • No tables
  • No bicycles
  • Red flag in the center of the Oval notifies residents that the area is temporarily closed due to inclement weather or maintenance
  • White flags located on the east and west ends of the Oval indicate access points
  • Evening Closings: The oval lawn and the playgrounds close at dusk. This closing does not affect the fountain and the oval plaza. These areas remain open after nightfall for resident use


Please be considerate of your neighbors when entering and exiting your apartment. Letting the door slam shut is noisy and can shake the walls of neighboring apartments.


Free Disposal Services

Make one phone call to Resident Services at (212) 420-5000 #3 to arrange for the disposal of your mattresses, box springs, and cloth/upholstered furniture. We will wrap in plastic, pick up, and dispose of these items at no cost to you.

Compactor Chute

There is a compactor chute on each floor of each building except for the terrace level in Stuyvesant Town and the lower level in Peter Cooper Village. Food/household waste should be wrapped and bagged in bundles that can be easily placed in the compactor chute. Lit cigarettes should never be placed in the chute. This is a fire hazard.


Recycling areas are located either on the lower level (LL) or the terrace (T) level of your building. Recyclables should be placed in one of the following bins:

  • GREEN-LABELED RECYCLING BIN: Paper and envelopes, corrugated cardboard, newspapers, magazines and catalogs, phone books, pizza boxes.
  • BLUE-LABELED RECYCLING BIN: Glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and jugs, beverage cartons, milk and juice cartons, aluminum foil and trays, household metal.
  • Place all non-recyclables such as clothing and plastic bags in the nearby trash bin.
  • Do not dispose of food waste by placing it in the recycling or trash bins or leaving it anywhere in the Carriage Room.  Use the compactor chute located on your floor.

Disposing of Bulk Items and Furniture

  • Furniture and bulk items should be placed at the designated loop road locations according to the following schedule.  Items will be picked up the next day.   

 Loop Road Location 

 Drop-Off Time

 20th Street Loop


 Avenue C Loop


 Peter Cooper Road


 14th Street Loop


 First Avenue Loop


Do not leave garbage, household waste or recyclables in the corridor, outside the compactor chute, in the stairwells or in any common area of the building.


Additional Keys

As the Tenant of Record you may order additional keys. To place an order call Resident Services at (212) 420-5000 or complete a StuyTown (formerly known as PCVST) Resident Key Request Form at the Management Office. A fee is charged for each key requested. This fee will be added to your rent bill and will remain on your bill whether or not keys are picked up. Key orders placed before 3pm Monday-Thursday will be available for pick up after 3:30 the following day. Orders placed on Friday will be ready for pick up on the following Monday after 3:30. The Tenant of Record must show photo identification to pick up keys. Your keys will be held in the Management Office for 30 days. After that time, the keys will be returned to our maintenance department and for security purposes will be destroyed. The Management Office is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8am-6pm, Tuesday and Thursday from 8am-8pm, and Saturday from 9am-5:30pm. The office is closed on Sundays.

Additional Access Cards

As the Tenant of Record, you may request from Management the issuance of Access Cards for your guest(s). To receive an Access Card, the Tenant of Record must accompany their employee or guest to the Management Office. The employee/guest must show photo identification to obtain his/her Access Card. Up to 4 guest cards are issued at no charge. There is a replacement fee for damaged or lost cards.


Lockout services are provided to Tenants of Record and authorized occupants only. If you are locked out of your apartment call Public Safety at (212) 598-5233. The lockout fee is $50 and is taxable.


Brackets for shades, blinds, and curtain rods should be attached to the side and front of the steel casement frame that surrounds the window. These items should not be affixed to the window frame or the walls. A #6 gauge sheet metal screw should be used. This type of screw will fit the existing holes and will hold the brackets securely.



Ceramic Tile: Clean with household bathroom cleaner (i.e. Tilex)

Marble Tile/Granite Countertop: Clean with a non-abrasive cleaner (i.e. Soft Scrub)

Wood flooring: Clean with a slightly damp cloth or mop. Do not use any cleaning products on the wood floors such as Swiffer Wet Jet. This type of product will penetrate and remove the sealed finish and will cause spotting and discoloration.


Clean interior with warm water and a baking soda solution (one tablespoon of baking soda per quart of water) and a damp cloth. Scouring pads, powdered cleaners, bleach or cleaning products containing bleach should not be used.  These products can scratch and weaken the paint finish on the refrigerator.

Gas Range

Clean the top, sides, and outside of the oven door with soap and water. Abrasives or oven cleaners should not be used

Oven Self-Clean Cycle

To start the self-clean cycle make sure that the oven is completely cooled, the oven door is closed and that the control knobs are set correctly.  A “burning” or “oily” odor may be emitted from the range vent. This is normal in a new oven and will dissipate. The self-clean cycle should be set for a minimum of 3 hours. It is recommended that you vent your kitchen by opening a window or running a ventilation fan. Never clean the broiler or grid in a self-cleaning oven.


Wipe the inside and outside with a damp cloth.  Dry thoroughly.  It is recommended that you clean the microwave shelf with mild soap and water or wash in the dishwasher.  Never use a commercial oven cleaner on any part of your microwave. Do not use cleaners containing ammonia or alcohol. (Ammonia or alcohol can damage the appearance of the microwave).  Do not use cleaning sprays, large amounts of soap and water, abrasives or sharp objects on the panel. 


Clean the control panel with a lightly dampened cloth and then thoroughly dry.  Use a good appliance polish wax to clean the exterior surface of the dishwasher.  Never use sharp objects, scouring pads or harsh cleaners on any part of the dishwasher. Use only detergent specifically made for use in dishwashers.  The dishwasher dial must be in the off position before you add the detergent.  If the dial is not in the off position, the detergent cup will not close and latch will not lock properly.  A Jet-Drive rinse agent is recommended.