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Public Safety

Safety Tips

  • Don't Hold the Door - All residents have an ID card that allows them access to their building. Each time a resident holds the door open for someone, the security system is compromised. We understand it may not seem “neighborly” to not hold the door open but we assure you your fellow residents will understand. If someone is seeking to gain access without an ID card, please notify Public Safety immediately by pressing the button on the intercom or by calling Public Safety at 212.598.5233.
  • Don’t Prop the Door Open - Keeping the door open similarly compromises the security of the entire building and may allow unauthorized individuals to enter. Please note that any entrance door that is propped open triggers an alarm at the Public Safety Department. Officers will investigate and respond as necessary.
  • Don’t Let Anyone You Don’t Know Into Your Apartment - StuyTown (formerly known as PCVST) employees will always show ID if they need to access your apartment. Otherwise, never let anyone you don’t know into your apartment. If you have concerns about the authenticity of the employee, you can verify his/her identity with Resident Services or Public Safety at 212.598.5233.
  • Remain Vigilant - Residents should always stay alert and be cognizant of their surroundings. If residents see anything suspicious, call Public Safety immediately.
  • Call Public Safety - Public Safety can be reached by calling 212.598.5233. Public Safety can also be reached by using any of the 36 blue light phones located around the property or the intercom in each of the building lobbies. These phones call directly to Public Safety Headquarters and are fully outfitted with cameras so officers can maintain visual contact with the caller.

Crime Prevention Tips

Avoiding Credit/Debit Card Skimming at Gas Pumps

Please be alert when paying at the gas pump for Credit Card Skimming Devices. These devices are being found at gas stations throughout New York City and surrounding counties.


  • In January 2014 thirteen defendants were charged with using card skimmers installed at gas stations to steal more than $2 million from customers throughout the southern U.S.
  • In July, Detective Jeffrey Marshall of Nassau County PD stated that three different businesses within a two minute drive from the stations had cases of employees skimming cards.
  • Skimming devices are being found at gas pumps throughout the U.S. and in one recent check-up, 180 pumps had been hijacked.
  • A former Credit Card hacker, claiming to have made thousands of dollars a day in cash, who trained US Secret Service instead of going to prison, stated that he preferred targeting gas stations over ATM machines.

What Can You Do?

  • Choose a pump near the cashier. Experts say skimmers prefer to target pumps in the shadows.
  • Inspect the gas pump reader before using it.
  • If you do suspect a skimming device, call 911.
  • If a device is discovered, refrain from touching it and call 911.
  • When possible, utilize cash instead of your credit/debit card.

Bicycle Theft Prevention

There is nothing like bicycling around New York City and with the expansion of bicycle lanes throughout the five borough's more and more people are opting to utilize a bicycle.

The cost of bicycles can vary greatly, making them an attractive target for street thieves. Street thefts are a fast method of generating money for criminals, and bicycles can be an easy target when unattended and not properly secured.

The stronger your lock the longer it will take a bad guy to compromise it, they do not want to risk being caught, so a good quality lock will deter a thief and cause them to seek out an easier opportunity.

A good lock buys you time - but even a strong, expensive lock can be compromised by a determined thief. To defend against a determined thief, reduce their opportunity by storing your bike inside at night and when it will not be used for a few days.
If you must leave it outside, don't lock up to the same bike rack day after day, switch locations and look for well lighted and conspicuous places to lock up.

ALWAYS lock the bicycle frame to the rack - Don't just lock the wheel - a thief will leave the wheel locked to the bike rack and steal the rest of your bicycle.

To be vigilant and to combat bicycle theft the NYPD has the Operation ID - Bicycle Registration program, call or visit your local precinct and ask to speak with your Crime Prevention Officer to register your bicycle in the program.

If you represent a community organization or bicycle rider group, please contact the Crime Prevention office via email or call 212.614.6741 to schedule a customized registration drive for your organization.

Emergency Accommodations List

For residents who may require special attention or accommodations during an emergency, please call 212.420.4971 to be added to our list.