Resident Testimonials

"StuyTown is everything we want in a NYC residence. We enjoy the relaxation of this beautiful community and still experience the excitement of city living. Best of all worlds!"
Dinh & Erika T.
"Management in my 49 years here has never been more approachable. The grounds are cleaner and the floral arrangements are like no other."
John “Butch” P.
"... I feel like I'm living in a suburb within Manhattan. StuyTown is the greatest neighborhood in the greatest city because of the exceptional amenities and newly renovated apartments that are spacious. The community is also diverse and wonderful. From the farmer's markets to the oval, to strolling the loops, I never plan on living anywhere else!"
Natan E.
"...I love how spacious our apartment is and that we have access to all of the amenities that StuyTown has to offer. What I love the most is the sense of community that I haven't felt elsewhere in Manhattan. Before we moved into our apartment here, I was always looking for a place where I could imagine settling down. Now, I can't imagine leaving!"
Kathryn O.
"StuyTown is a well-run, comfortable home in NYC for all seasons. Young and old. Spring, summer, autumn, winter. This is an enduring well-kept secret."
Robert & Terry G.
"Living in StuyTown is like living smack dab in the middle of a park. We wake up to birds singing, we stroll about under the shade of beautiful trees and among the perfectly curated grounds with gorgeous flowers that sneak out in the spring. And that's just the space...With two small children, StuyTown is a haven. Quiet, safe and super music and movies in the summer, ice rink in the winter...doesn't even feel like we're living in New York City. I think each of us smiles a little wider the moment we walk in...It doesn't ever get old and we never ever want to leave."
Naama L.
"..My favorite part about living in StuyTown is its community feeling -- neighbors helping one another, extending courtesies, and truly caring for each other."
Ellie C.
"....All of the grounds are special - they are kept with care, and support making this a real community of people and nature. It is gorgeous in all seasons. But the Oval is the key... It's a place that I can hang out around the fountain and read until 11:00 or later on a hot summer night or crisp early autumn evening. Seriously, how many places in NYC can you do that?... It's a pretty special place and I've been really lucky to be here. It's truly my home."
Deborah B.