Remain active living in the heart of Manhattan

Finding outdoor activity space in an urban setting like New York can be a challenge.  Most New York City neighborhoods offer little or no access to outdoor green space with concrete and steel as far as the eye can see. StuyTown, however, is different. Breaking the mold of anything considered “typical,” StuyTown residents have unfettered access to 80 acres of green space. Yes, 80 acres. It’s like having a spacious, modern apartment right in the middle of Central Park.


Outdoor Activities at StuyTown

Unlike the grid structure that the rest of NYC knows, StuyTown only has 4 limited access points for cars, making walking, jogging, and running around the property a more enjoyable and safe experience for residents.  StuyTown is the perfect stop to exercise with your dog in our pet friendly community. The grounds at StuyTown are also home to a wide assortment of trees, helping you stay cool on a hot day.

One of the many unique benefits of living in StuyTown is that residents have the best of both worlds: downtown Manhattan living and an 80-acre backyard. The community is home to a wide array of recreational and outdoor opportunities for residents including: playgrounds, sports courts, and an ice rink.


StuyTown Amenities

That’s right, during winter months StuyTown has its very own ice rink! StuyTown residents are lucky enough to have the unique urban experience of a private ice rink providing fun on the ice with friends, family, and neighbors.  In addition to daily open skate time, “The Ice at StuyTown” features pond hockey pick-up games and skating lessons for all ages. Not only is skating a blast, it’s a great full-body workout that makes exercising fun.

StuyTown also has an array of unique amenities that make staying active easy. When the weather warms up, residents take advantage of 5 athletic playgrounds that appeal to a wide range of sporting interests. The athletic courts include: 5 ½ basketball courts, 5 paddle tennis courts, 4 bocce courts, 2 artificial turf playgrounds, and 1 volleyball court. Residents can also stay active all year long at our modern Fitness Center- no matter the weather conditions. The Fitness Center offers group classes as well as affordable personal training.

The seasonal StuyTown Greenmarket provides another great outdoor activity for residents. The Greenmarket brings the freshest local produce, baked goods and more right to your backyard. At the Greenmarket residents and their guests can walk around while enjoying a selection of the best GrowNYC local farm stands. What goes better with staying active then eating right?

StuyTown is even in the process of building a Fitness Playground. One of the 15 on-site playgrounds will be transformed into a park-like outdoor exercise area, which will include a running loop, a 40-yard dash track, and much more.

StuyTown makes it easy for residents to stay outside active all year long with our outstanding facilities and expansive green space in the heart of Manhattan.