Green Living at Stuytown

Living Sustainably

StuyTown has led the charge in multifamily housing to go green and retrofit buildings and apartments for maximum energy efficiency. From introducing composting to improvements in lighting, internal monitoring, and more, StuyTown has made significant investments over the past 5 years to reduce our collective carbon footprint.


Energy Efficiency

Since 2011, there has been a 6.8% reduction in carbon emissions onsite, which means more than 17 million pounds of coal saved. That’s roughly the same savings as 3,000 drivers deciding to bike or take the train for an entire year, or planting a forest of 400,000 trees. Read below to see how we achieved these dramatic reductions.


24/7 Remote Monitoring

One of the biggest improvements entailed optimizing the property-wide Building Management System which allows on-site engineers to continually monitor and adjust heating, cooling, garage exhaust, and more. These changes alone have contributed over 800,000 KWH electric savings, equivalent to 60 homes turning off electricity for an entire year.


Lighting Upgrades

Lighting across property has been updated, moving from fluorescent bulbs to LED. This simple change results in over 6 million KWH electric savings each and every year. 2016 has also seen installation of louvers on stairwells and elevator shafts to prevent heat loss during winter. In addition, installation of combined heat and power (CHP) units on property help subsidize our electric and hot water enabling StuyTown to produce these utilities at a cheaper rate.


Property-Wide Paper Shredding & Recycling

Onsite paper shredding is held four times a year, giving residents access to convenient bulk recycling. This quarterly program produces over ten tons of securely shredded and recycled documents every year.


In-Building Composting

Lastly, StuyTown has worked closely with DSNY to introduce property-wide composting. Each building is outfitted with a composting bin that is emptied three times a week. Over 5 tons of compost are typically produced every 2-3 days, helping NYC reduce landfill waste and nourish plantings across the city.


For all of these reasons and more, StuyTown has been awarded ENERGY STAR® certification for 3 years running, making us the first multifamily property in NYC to receive this incredible distinction. We will continue to lead the way for responsible and eco-friendly property management with more optimizations in the works for the near future.


Cool Roofs

Going Green By Painting White. StuyTown Property Services (SPS) is excited to announce participation in NYC CoolRoofs. It’s part of SPS’s commitment to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s goal of reducing carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.


During a typical summer day, flat, black asphalt rooftops can reach temperatures of 190°F. A roof treated with a specialized white coating can reduce internal building temperatures by up to 30% due to the sun's rays reflecting off the roof instead of being absorbed. As an added benefit, this lessens the power needed to run a/c units resulting in less greenhouse gas emissions. Every 2,500 square feet of roof coated with the reflective paint can reduce the city's carbon footprint by 1 ton of CO2. The program aims to coat 1 million square feet of rooftop annually.


Watch A Video on StuyTown Sustainability

Click here to watch Gursimran Toor, Project Manager for Maintenance & Operations, discuss the many initiatives that StuyTown has undertaken to reduce energy consumption on property.