StuyTown's Dog Policy

In the words of Peanuts creator, Charles M. Schulz, “Happiness is a warm puppy.” For many people, living without the companionship of a furry friend isn’t living at all and we are proud that StuyTown-PCV is a pet-friendly community. Dogs and pets in general are a treasured part of our families and community but with pet ownership comes a responsibility to your neighbors.

NYC isn’t always the friendliest place for dogs but StuyTown offers ample green space and acres of quiet paths for our four-legged friends and their owners to enjoy. However, along with the joy that dogs provide, we ask all owners to be considerate and mindful of some of the issues that come along with our canine friends.

Dog Registration

 When registering your dog at StuyTown, you will need to provide three important documents:

  1. Proof of Rabies Vaccination in the form of a letter or receipt from your veterinarian
  2. A New York City dog license/registration form
  3. A signed Pet Rider which can be emailed to or dropped off at the Management Office (276 1st Avenue Loop)

Weight Limits, Crate Training, and Proper Exercise

All resident dogs need to be 50 lbs or less at their mature weight. Each resident is allowed to register up to two dogs; however, their combined weight must also be 50 lbs or less. If you are registering a puppy, it’s always a good idea to crate train them. If you place a ‘Permission to Enter’ maintenance request, dogs will need to be contained, whether in a crate or within a room that our maintenance staff will not have to enter. Please also note that StuyTown has restrictions on aggressive breeds and that certain areas of the property are off-limits to dogs. Visit to view the “dog map.” Lastly, we know New Yorkers are a busy bunch but please ensure your canine compadre is trained to be left alone and gets adequate exercise. This will not only keep them happy and healthy but reduce nuisance barking, keeping your neighbors happy too.

The Leash Law 

Although we are private property, remember that all New York City dog laws apply here as well. NYC law dictates that all dogs must be on a leash of 6’ or less at all times outside of your apartment.  If you don’t have an appropriate leash, you can pick one up free of charge at the StuyTown Management Office (276 1st Ave Loop).

Please Keep Our Community Clean and Pick Up After Your Dog

When walking your dog, it is essential that you carry around bags to pick up after them. All residents will receive a portable container of “doggie bags” when registering but after that it will be the resident’s responsibility to always carry bags and clean up every time.

Man’s (and Woman’s) Best Friend Never Fails to Make Us Smile

StuyTown prides itself on being a wonderful home for you and your dogs. Following our dog policy will ensure the safety and comfort of you, your four-legged friends, and the entire StuyTown community.

Check out this video with one of our Resident Relations reps on the StuyTown dog policy: