Pet Friendly Apartments NYC

Pet Friendly Apartments in NYC

StuyTown is Pet-Friendly

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StuyTown is a pet-friendly property – our residents and their pets make their home in a small oasis in the urban jungle of Manhattan.

StuyTown’s pet-friendly apartments in NYC are equipped with features well-suited for pet owners and non-pet owners alike; aside from upgraded appliances, modern kitchens and bathrooms, you’ll find spacious floorplans perfect for pet play time, and lots of closet space to store pet food, toys and other supplies. Choose from any of our one, two, three, or five-bedroom apartments, which give you and your pet lots of inside square footage to roam around in.

Not only are our apartments pet-friendly, but the area surrounding area is also very dog friendly! There are many dog runs within walking distance, including the Union Square Dog Run and Jemmy's Dog Run. There are also pet-friendly restaurant, care, and stores close by in the East Village and Kips Bay. Enjoying the city with your pet right beside you is easy. From wine bars to diners, you and your pet can enjoy a good meal in many eateries across the city.

Four-legged friends are most welcome at StuyTown, but to ensure the best possible living experience for all of our residents, we ask that ALL pet owners register their dogs and adhere strictly to our pet policies.


Dog Days Guidelines

Dog Days is only for dogs registered with StuyTown Property Services. A registration lanyard must be displayed prior to entry. If you need to register your dog, click the button above or stop by Resident Services (276 1st Avenue Loop) or the PCV Kiosk (22nd and 1st). Lanyards are complimentary at the time of registration, replacements are $10 each. Please also refrain from bringing toys.


New Protocols

We are pleased to announce a new way of identifying registered dogs on property which will allow our Public Safety staff to easily recognize registered dogs and more effectively enforce StuyTown's dog policies. Management will be providing new lanyards which residents should now use with their Dog ID Tag on the end and clipped onto the handle of the leash so that it is easily visible. As of April 30th, 2016, anyone walking a dog on property without a lanyard and tag will be escorted off of property, including dog walkers.

Lanyards and clips will be available for pickup at the Management Office at 276 1st Avenue Loop and Public Safety at 2 Stuyvesant Oval. If your dog is already registered, simply show your dog’s tag to the receptionist at either office and they’ll give you a lanyard, clip, and a few other dog goodies. If you have yet to register your dog, please see instructions below.


Register Your Pet

To register your dog, please submit the following documentation:

  • Photo of your dog
  • Basic information about your dog
    Name, breed, present weight, mature weight, date of birth
  • New York City Dog License
    Click here to register your dog with NYC
  • Rabies Certificate
    Or authentication from your vet of the most recent rabies vaccination with the dates clearly visible
  • Only the Tenant of Record is permitted to register your dog

If you have any questions,please email:
To register your dog, click the button at the top of the page. Once we receive your documents, we'll send you a pet rider to sign.


Pet Policies

  • Aggressive breeds are NOT allowed. Aggressive breeds include: Pit Bull, American Staffordshire Terrier, Doberman, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, or any breed the Owner determines, in its sole discretion, to be aggressive. Any Pet that is a mixed breed which includes an aggressive breed is not allowed.
  • There is a weight limit of 50 pounds for each dog, unless there are two dogs. If there are two dogs in one of our pet-friendly apartments, their combined adult weight may not exceed 50 pounds. This restriction will be strictly enforced. Only two dogs shall be allowed in any one apartment, subject to the weight restriction.
  • Dogs should be walked in designated areas, as indicated in this map
  • Keep your dog on a leash when it is in the public/common areas of any building or anywhere on the property. Leash may not be more than six-foot long (Section 161.05 NYC Health Code)
  • Walk your dog on sidewalks and walkways. Dogs are not permitted on the grass, in the flower beds or on the playgrounds.
  • Clean up after your pet (Section 1310 of the New York State Public Health Code)
  • Register your pet using the information above.
  • Train your dog so that it is accustomed to sharing tight spaces, encountering crowds, loud noise and other city distractions
  • Pick up after your dog by always carrying a “baggie” or two when you walk your dog to pick up your dog’s waste. Cleaning up after your dog is NYC law
  • Exercise your dog by taking your dog for a walk or to one of the local city dog runs. Follow all property pet regulations when walking your dog on the property
  • Prevent nuisance barking by making sure your dog gets adequate exercise and is trained so that it can be left alone in your apartment
  • Keep your dog’s NYC license and Rabies Vaccination records up to date
  • Keep your dog on a leash when it is in the public/common areas of any building or anywhere on the Property. Leash may not be more than six-foot long. It’s NYC law
  • Make sure that an ID tag with your name, address and phone number is affixed to your dog’s collar and is worn at all times


We look forward to seeing you and your pet around the neighborhood in NYC; our residents (both two-legged and four-legged) are part of what makes StuyTown such a unique and wonderful community.

If you are looking for a pet friendly apartment in NYC for you and your furry friend, StuyTown has units available now – contact us today to set up an appointment!